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Stepping Up

Programs designed to keep middle and high school students involved in school.

Transitions are programs geared to middle and high school students and target needs around attendance, behavior while nurturing leadership goal-setting and career readiness.

Examples of these programs include:

GIRLS club: (Girls In Real Life Situations). This after-school club offers opportunities for middle school girls to meet in a small group setting to discuss issues and situations they face in their lives, including dating protocols, etiquette, goal setting, personal care, etc. The groups meet once a week for 8 weeks. The experience is accompanied by a service project.

SMARTS: Leadership through martial arts. This program is often chosen for middle school boys, but has also been offered as an after-school club at local elementary schools.

Dream Big: A short-term program that brings high school seniors to meet with 8th graders about to move on to high school, or 5th graders preparing for middle school. The students talk with students about course offerings, goal setting, and the importance of staying in school and working hard for their futures.

Reality Store–a financial literacy exercise currently offered to all 8th graders in Randolph County Schools and 9th graders in Asheboro City Schools. This program engages multiple community and business volunteers with the goal of increasing students’ awareness of financial realities, given specific career and life choices.

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